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300+ Club

The object of the 300+ Club is to raise funds towards the maintenance of the hall. It is open to no more than 400 members of the local community and supporters of the hall, over the age of 16. Subscription is £6 per year.

The 300+ Club is a “Small Society Lottery” under the Gambling Act 2005 and is registered as such by Huntingdonshire District Council; registration number SSL203. The club is overseen by the trustees of Offord Village Hall and the current promoter is John Kirby, Treasurer.

No more than half the annual income, less expenses, will be given away as cash prizes. Specific amounts will be determined by the promoter in relation to current number of subscribers. Draws will take place each calendar month at village clubs or village events Prizewinners will be notified and the results publicised in the village.

To apply for shares please complete an application form and return to Helen Bosworth. For further information email Helen at